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Astronomers spot asteroid bigger than the Empire State Building that they say could crash into the Earth

An asteroid called 2015 BN509 was caught flying past the Earth Space rock was captured on film by The Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico It is about 200 meters (660ft) wide by 400 meters (1,310ft) long Nasa warned the giant object is ‘potentially hazardous’ A peanut-shaped asteroid larger than the Empire State Building could one


By Michael Snyder, from EOAD Did you know that a huge asteroid is scheduled to make a “close shave” with our planet on March 7th? This asteroid is known as “2013 TX68″, and it is estimated to be anywhere from 80 to 170 feet in length.  Most news reports are saying that it is 100

Bus-Size Asteroid Flying By Earth Super-Close, Second Rock In 2 Days In A Row!

Bus-Size Asteroid Gives Earth Super-Close Shave Today, Second in 2 Days For the second day in a row, a space rock is going to zip close by Earth within the orbit of the moon, and you can watch the encounter live online. The 33-foot-wide (10 meters) near-Earth asteroid 2014 EC will come within 34,550 miles

98-Foot Asteroid Flashes Between Moon and Earth within 24 Hours

An Apollo class asteroid is expected to whizz between the Earth and the moon on March 5. The 98-foot-wide space rock is expected to come within 218,000 miles of earth (0.9 lunar distances), creating quite a sight for stargazers. The asteroid, named 2014 DX110, is expected to make its closest approach at 21:07 GMT on

Asteroid the Size of 3 Football Fields Set to Make a Close Brush towards Earth On Monday Feb 17th

[Space.com]An asteroid the size of three football fields is set to make a close brush of Earth on Monday (Feb. 17), and you can watch the flyby in a live webcast. Near-Earth asteroid 2000 EM26 poses no threat of actually hitting the planet, but the online Slooh Space Camera will track the asteroid as it

First Asteroid Of 2014 Hits Earth, 2014 AA Burns Up Over African Coast

ASTEROID HITS EARTH – 2014 AA Was Discovered Hours Before Impact The year’s first asteroid was spotted on New Year’s Day and plunged into Earth’s atmosphere and burned up somewhere between Africa and South America over the Atlantic Ocean on Thursday. The asteroid, given the number 2014 AA, was discovered hours before it hit Earth