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A massive lake of molten carbon is discovered under US Could Cause Chaos!

From DailyMail A massive lake of molten carbon the size of Mexico is discovered under the US, and it could cause climate CHAOS Situated under western US, 217 miles (350km) beneath the Earth’s surface Scientists used world’s largest array of seismic sensors to map area  Melting carbon covers an area of 700,000 sq miles (1.8 million

Coming Soon to a City Near You: The U.S. Military’s Plan to Take Over America

By John W. Whitehead February 13, 2017 “Our current and past strategies can no longer hold. We are facing environments that the masters of war never foresaw. We are facing a threat that requires us to redefine doctrine and the force in radically new and different ways. The future army will confront a highly sophisticated

California Spent More Money & Resources To Fund Illegal Immigrants Than Maintenance Dam To Protect Americans. Now Governor Jerry Brown Is Begging For More Money.

DONNELLY: Jerry Brown’s California Legacy is a Dam Failure byTim Donnelly, Breitbart The Oroville Dam — at 770 feet, America’s tallest — is on the verge of failing. And Sacramento, which has been fiddling for decades while Rome burns, is running for cover. This isn’t just any dam; it’s the primary storage facility located on the

California prepares for catastrophe: Battle to stop a collapse at America’s tallest dam as 200,000 residents flee amid fears of a 100ft-deep flood that could stretch for 40 miles

From DailyMail Fears the Oroville Dam could collapse and unleash flooding which could leave towns 100 foot underwater  Nearly 200,000 residents evacuated in Butte, Sutter and Yuba counties in Northern California amid fears All 23,000 of the California National Guard have been put on standby to assist the situation and recovery Federal and state officials

Astronomers spot asteroid bigger than the Empire State Building that they say could crash into the Earth

An asteroid called 2015 BN509 was caught flying past the Earth Space rock was captured on film by The Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico It is about 200 meters (660ft) wide by 400 meters (1,310ft) long Nasa warned the giant object is ‘potentially hazardous’ A peanut-shaped asteroid larger than the Empire State Building could one

100,000 People Are Evacuating Over “Imminent Failure” Of California’s Oroville Dam

Thousands told to leave their homes near huge California dam OROVILLE, Calif. (AP) — Thousands of northern Californians were told to leave their homes Sunday evening, as an emergency spillway in the country’s tallest dam was in danger of failing and unleashing uncontrolled flood waters on towns below The emergency spillway of the Oroville Dam

Unknown toxin injures 50 people, triggers evacuation & closure of Hamburg airport

Chemical causing breathing problems and burning eyes is thought to have spread through air-conditioning system Unknown toxin injures 50 passengers at Hamburg airport Hundreds of passengers have been told to leave Hamburg airport after 50 people were affected by an unknown toxin. It is thought that the chemical spread through the airport’s air-conditioning system. German

Lake Oroville FLOWS OVER its emergency spillway for first time in the history of the nation’s tallest dam

Water started flowing over an emergency spillway at the nation’s tallest dam, on Lake Oroville, for the first time Saturday Erosion had damaged the Northern California’s main spillway Water began running over the emergency spillway around 8 a.m., according to California’s Department of Water Resources It was the first time the emergency spillway has been

Cash No Longer King: Europe Moves to Begin Elimination of Paper Money

In the shadow of Donald Trump’s spree of controversial actions, the European commission has quietly launched the next offensive in the war on cash. These unelected bureaucrats have boldly asserted their intention to crack down on paper transactions across the E.U. and solidify a trend that has been gaining momentum for years. The financial uncertainty