Cigar-Shaped Massive UFO Spotted Over Ukraine

UFO 22

A cigar-shaped UFO spotted in the sky over Korosten, Ukraine On March 6, 2014.


  1. Faye Brown

    Due to this recent report I ran across .. I would like to add that a powerful force once having penetrated, seized and conquered governing branches in the United States .. casting fear in hearts of any who would even think to appose them … those who made people tremble if they would not participate in their many evil schemes and diabolical plans they secretly imposed on the mainstream people of this planet … know that those who even the celestial world feared …. also occupied one such cigar shape craft … and now because the true Celestial Calvary is pressing in from inside the earth and from inside the inner dimensional levels of heavens above …. I would consider that these once tremendously feared sinister and diabolical reptilians “camouflaged as humans“ … will call their threat to harm mainstream in a final attempt to call off the Calvary forces … but for the betterment of all … their threat will not be bargained with …

  2. Amatsu Mikaboshi

    Why is it so bright?

  3. Faye Brown

    Fascinating !!! … remember those large cigar-shaped ships seen transiting when coming through a stargate having to momentarily decloaked and becoming visible in reports of the Aden Star Gate opening a few years back … sooo many have come here to assist in removing forces of a renegade reptilians, kindred to the satanic elite forces .. and those diabolical species of alien reptilians having infiltrated powers of the government as they camouflage themselves to appear as humans among us … but their undeniable characters are of those we see being sooo very aggressive in areas of law enforcement and in divisions of the judicial system also who’s character displays a sort of addiction to sex, which are also forces behind sex slavery, human trafficking, drug trafficking, pedophilia wars, torture, and most every diabolical scheme used on mainstream …

    Yet these arriving during this generation … occupying such cigar shaped crafts .. they themselves are a protective kindred species of reptilians to humanity ..

  4. Muleskinner

    MSNBC is HARDLY main stream…They are propagandists for the regime..

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