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A seismometer inside a borehole at Yellowstone National Park has begun reporting staggering underground activity near the southwest corner of Yellowstone Lake, possibly signaling the beginning of an eruption of the Super Volcano at the Yellowstone National Park. TRN has obtained the image of the Seismograph report and now YOU can see it for yourself! This could be very nasty. . . (UPDATED 2-3-2014 9:00 AM)

Yellowstone lake is pretty much the center of what is the Yellowstone Caldera; the mouth of a massive Super Volcano, located beneath the park.

The activity began around 12:00 Noon, Mountain Standard Time (MST) on February 1, and was detected by a seismometer in Borehole B944 then continued, non-stop, all day yesterday getting worse and worse as the hours wore on. The activity is continuing right now at 6:06 EST AM as this news article is being produced.

The map below shows the location of Borehole B944 in relation to Yellowstone Lake and the rest of the park.

The readings being reported from seismometer inside Bore Hole #B944 are literally “off-the-scale.” Is an earthquake brewing, or is this the beginning of a catastrophic eruption of the Yellowstone “Super Volcano?”


Seismographic Printout from Yellowstone National Park, Bore Hole #B944, for February 1, 2014.  The time stamp goes down the left edge.  Look at what starts happening from 12:00 Noon for the rest of the day.  By 3:00 PM MST, things get real dicey; by 5:00, it is clear there’s real trouble happening underground.  By 7:00 PM, the seismographic gear is totally overwhelmed; with all readings going utterly off the scale.  This could be a sign that a massive eruption of the Yellowstone Super Volcano has begun deep underground.


A second printout shows the activity continuing to this very moment, so severely that the seismometer printer is RUNNING OUT OF BLUE, BLACK AND GREEN INK!

Here is the activity from Midnight MST to 4:30 AM, MST (5:30 AM EST)



To help readers understand the implications of what is taking place, we first show the enormity of Yellowstone National “”PARK” with stats from the US National Park Service:

  • Yellowstone was the world’s first National Park
  • A designated World Heritage Site and designated Biosphere Reserve
  • 3,472 square miles or 8,987 square km
  • 2,221,766 acres or 898,317 hectares
  • 63 air miles north to south (102 km)
  • 54 air miles east to west 87 km)
  • 96 % in Wyoming
  • 3 % in Montana
  • 1 % in Idaho
  • Highest Point: 11,358 ft / 3,462 m (Eagle Peak)
  • Lowest Point: 5,282 ft / 1,610 m (Reese Creek)
  • Larger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined
  • About one-quarter the size of Switzerland and about 65% the size of Montenegro
  • Approximately 5% of park is covered by water; 15% is grassland; and 80% is forest
  • Precipitation ranges from 10 inches (26 cm) at the north boundary to 80 inches (205 cm) in the southwest corner
  • Temperatures (average) at Mammoth: January: 9° F/-13 C in
    July: 80° F/27 C
  • Records:
    High: 99°F/37 C, 2002 (Mammoth)
    Low Temp: -66° F/-54 C (West Entrance, Riverside Station 1933)

Here’s a map of Yellowstone:


Here is a Topographical map showing the mouth (“Caldera”)  of the Super Volcano and the scarred, treacherous terrain, created by past eruptions. (Click Image to enlarge).  The park boundaries are the thin Yellow line, the Caldera of the super volcano is shown by the thin Red line.  Bear in mind that seismometer B944 is just next to the area labeled ‘West Thumb” on the map, showing the western edge of Yellowstone Lake.  That puts this seismic activity right smack in the active zone of the actual caldera.


A recent program aired by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)  *** THEORIZED *** what an eruption of Yellowstone would affect.  Below is the *** THEORETICAL ***  blast, damage and volcanic ash fallout area, which is shown in various shades of Orange.

(This image does NOT reflect an ongoing eruption — it is not real)

If this is the start of an eruption at Yellowstone, the entire northwest quadrant of the country could be affected by damage and disruption beyond human comprehension.

We will monitor this story closely.  

Read more on Yellow Stone National Park Tumbles Again, What would happen if Yellow Stone Park blows


UPDATE  Feb. 2, 2014  11:26 PM EST

According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)  twenty (20) earthquakes in the area of Yellowstone preceded this strange seismometer readings.  Those minor earthquakes are listed as follows:

17 earthquakes in map area

y/m/d h:m:s deg deg km
1.9 2014/01/31 09:55:29 44.798N 110.540W 4.4 30 km (18 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT
1.1 2014/01/31 07:35:32 44.578N 111.145W 9.2 10 km ( 6 mi) SSW of West Yellowstone, MT
1.7 2014/01/31 06:25:39 44.834N 110.536W 6.9 26 km (16 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT
1.2 2014/01/30 21:16:01 44.718N 111.203W 10.7 10 km ( 6 mi) NW of West Yellowstone, MT
1.9 2014/01/30 17:21:11 44.815N 110.532W 3.9 28 km (18 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT
1.8 2014/01/30 15:02:27 44.807N 110.525W 6.9 30 km (18 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT
1.8 2014/01/30 11:43:19 44.806N 110.540W 2.2 29 km (18 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT
1.8 2014/01/30 09:42:11 44.812N 110.535W 4.9 29 km (18 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT
1.4 2014/01/30 04:11:36 44.798N 110.537W 7.9 30 km (19 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT
2.0 2014/01/30 04:11:35 44.808N 110.530W 7.4 29 km (18 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT
1.8 2014/01/30 03:57:10 44.817N 110.533W 10.1 28 km (18 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT
2.4 2014/01/30 01:40:35 44.807N 110.522W 11.8 30 km (18 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT
2.2 2014/01/29 23:57:03 44.398N 110.615W 1.8 49 km (30 mi) SE of West Yellowstone, MT
1.5 2014/01/29 23:43:29 44.405N 110.628W 1.9 47 km (29 mi) SE of West Yellowstone, MT
1.3 2014/01/29 23:39:18 44.375N 110.636W -0.3 49 km (30 mi) SE of West Yellowstone, MT
1.4 2014/01/29 23:33:12 44.401N 110.627W 2.3 48 km (30 mi) SE of West Yellowstone, MT
1.5 2014/01/29 18:29:59 44.801N 110.544W 4.3 29 km (18 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT
2.3 2014/01/29 01:11:08 44.600N 110.153W -3.4 49 km (31 mi) SSW of Cooke City-Silver Gate, MT
1.5 2014/01/28 04:39:47 44.815N 110.528W 7.3 29 km (18 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT
1.4 2014/01/27 19:44:29 44.747N 110.780W 6.2 27 km (17 mi) ENE of West Yellowstone, MT

In addition, as of about 4:00 PM MST today, the activity shown in the seismometers above has quieted down a lot.  Not completely, but far closer to normal than not.  We will continue to monitor the situation.  Those of you in the western United States and southwestern Canada would do well to monitor it as well.

SOURCE  INFO     (Updated 2-3-2014  9:15 AM  EST)

SOURCE INFO (Updated 2-3-2014 9:15 AM EST)

A verifiable source for our materials in this story can be found at:
The link above provides LIVE access to the Borehole data we reported.
Archives of that Borehole (B944) Data are available for Feb. 1 at:
and for Feb. 2 at:
In addition, LIVE readings from ALL the boreholes are available at:


Article Source

  1. Nate Wright

    its all there lack of reporting that causes people to contrive there own ideas the one thing and one thing only i would say is a problem is the levels of h4 coming out of the ground and water this happens before all vol. events and its happening there in unreal amounts. it dosent matter where you live if this goes off it goes off it will take it a year to go all the way around the world and it only takes a 6` degree drop in temp to give humans big trouble. so if you want to ride it out and live as long as you can move some place if you dont want to work hard to live move closer or not at all. there have been people that were way more advanced than us here before and over and over they are wiped out. as this happened over and over humans got dumber and dumber we all gotta die some time lets go out with a bang i want front row seats…

  2. Admin

    Hey all the sheeples, all the trolls.Massive toxic coal ash leaked to the river, water sample tested positive for “Arsenic” but the government said everything is normal and the water is safe to drink! I know, we are only spreading fear here, the government said everything is fine, then it must be fine. Just like they told people in W Virginia 3 weeks ago everything is fine, everything is normal, the water was safe to drink but today 5 schools closed down with student and teachers sick and went to ER because the water smell like chemicals. All you trolls are doing a fine job convincing the world everything is normal, calming everyone while killing everyone. good job!

  3. Admin

    Mary Liz Bartell, so your logic is that the government didn’t know the device was malfunctioning until someone raised concern about the readings? So the entire world was reading false readings from a malfunctioned warning system that run by the government which tracks that activities of a super volcano? And that everything is fine and normal? wow lol Do you go to the doctor to do a cancer scan and the doctor tells you “hey, everything is fine and normal with you even though the test results are bad, but only because the machine determines if you have cancer or not is broken, so you are fine” lol talking about programmed sheep. Unreal! “if you like your health plan, you can keep your plan”.

  4. Admin

    Government releases information 10 months after power grid was attacked by snipers, over 100 shots fired at transformers.
    Government told residents of West Virginia the water is safe to drink after chemical contamination, everything is normal and fine 3 weeks ago. And today 5 schools closed because water smell like chemical and students and teacher getting sick have to go to ER.
    All the sheep, trolls still quoting, linking government websites reporting everything is normal, everything fine, please go back to sleep and stop spamming on the internet. Thank you

  5. Mary Liz Bartell The activity recorded above was an equipment malfunction. All is normal in Yellowstone.

  6. DJ

    If your within that first red ring dont even worry about preparing to survive. We’ll be going up with the first initial explosion. If this really is happening what do you expect the government to do? Cause mass chaos on the entire western seaboard? There is nothing to do, what ever there was its already to late! If this is real we’ve already missed any opportunity to reverse this action. Thank you oil rigging in the Dakotas and general area. What did you expect would happen once we started drilling the entire area? If this really does happen and you manage to survive I would relocate to the Equator! Its the only place you might survive the upcoming Ice Age! Well played Max Baucus looks like moving to China was a smart move! Its time to wake up people and realize that even if at this time it is a scandal when will humanity finally cause an event like this to actually occur?

  7. Mr ready

    For those on the east coast US- If this ever happens–Save your empty milk containers, fill them with water. Invest in as many generators as you can afford. Store as much gasoline as you can. Buy a bunch of hps light bulbs, and save all of your vegetables seeds, and be ready to grow your own food indoors since the sun won’t be visable for years to come. Board up your Windows and doors, and be ready for the desperate. For those on the west coast. Good luck.

  8. Cdavidc

    HA ha like a pimple! That killed me.

  9. Anthony

    Ink? They can’t change the ink? What?is this even relevant ? If it’s true ,this may be one of the greatest tragedies we’ve known ( or not) and they make a comparison with the fucking ink running out? ‘ wow ,this is huge,look ,the inks running out’ !

  10. Admin

    Michaela, are you saying the government and the main stream media always warn people and tell the truth? This article was just questioning why the reading looked out of control and if that is a sign of eruption? We hope it never blows. Did you know the California power stations was attacked 10 months ago, someone tried to shut down the power grid. now the FBI is telling us about it, 10 months after the attack.

  11. michaela

    If this was true, why haven’t I seen it on the news? It would be a breaking news thing and wouldn’t just be on the internet

  12. Robert Charette

    If Yellowstone blows it will make the-15 degree day we are having seem like a sunny day. The earth will have no sunshine so how does one “prepare” for a life eliminating event? Not sure how that relates to the Biblical story of the earth ending in fire. Maybe its pat benatars fire and ice…lol.

  13. Peggy

    Back in 1957 (I think that was the year), our family was traveling in Yellowstone when there was the big earthquake that caused the big lake to raise up. We lived in Saratoga (in the southern part of the state that had hot springs). We were told that the hot pool acted just like a toilet flushing. So there is a lot of geothermal activity connected underground. When Yellowstone ‘blows’ one day, it will be over—over for all of us. I remember the fallout from Mt. Saint Helens sending ash and dusting into Wyoming.

  14. Anthony Guzzi

    That fancy Topo map that shows the Caldera, where do you get that kind of map?

  15. TOM

    Quick, Everyone move out. Maybe then I will be able to find affordable housing….

  16. Matthew Davidson

    I am not a geologist, but it seems to me that if the mouth of a volcano is huge, the intensity of an eruption would be decreased, not increased. Think of a pimple. If the pimple has a large bottom area, i.e. the part with the puss in it, and a small head, when you pop it, it squirts out with a lot of force and shoots across the room. However, if it has a lot of puss, but a big head on it, it oozes out, and doesn’t have the force that the smaller headed one did. Right?

  17. Admin

    How would the USGS (government run & controlled) know University of Utah Seismographic Station had a malfunctioning device? and if that is true, how come that wasn’t replaced or fixed? So they are running a warning system with defective equipment and continue to pump wrong information out? So many experts these days, everyone is an expert but they know nothing, nor they can predict anything but they sure know everything is fine and normal.

  18. PAMELA

    The DEFINITIVE word from the geology experts: The public webicorder cited in this article is malfunctioning.

  19. zach

    Yellowstone is massive, these are just to be considered larger earthquakes but nothing out of the historical norm. Though I wouldnt be surprised to see Cody or a surrounding city to get washed out by some lava flows in our lifetime:) there will be a little more obvious signs before the thing blows, the caldera is incredibly huge.

  20. Admin

    Kathleen Hiller, agree 100%. But regardless there will be tons of internet trolls telling you everything is fine, everything is ok, people are just spreading fear, panicking people…etc. The fact is no one knows when any disasters will happen, it’s wise to be prepared and keep up with all the progressive news and events. I am sure if we post a warning about smoking might give you cancer, wearing seat belt when driving, or warn about icy, slick roads might cause deadly accidents during winter storm…., all the internet trolls will be on here telling us we are being paranoid, spreading fear. They are trolls, they love to argue, they love to tell everyone else they are wrong, they are the experts with all the government links telling people everything is fine. But when shit does hit the fan, you won’t be able to find any of them. Just like when people warn about forest fire, hurricanes, floods, Tsunami, volcano eruptions…etc. every time we post a warning, tons of them would call us spreading fear, there is no way anyone can predict earthquakes…..etc.

  21. Kathleen Hiler

    You know what…you can give all the soothing away of volcano activities being soo common and soo normal still is worthy of noting and preparing much as is possible just because of the days we live in. ..lets not shrug anything off ib today’s world. .

  22. dave

    This is the official web site

  23. Don Schneider

    once at that link then move down the map and find Borehole B944, located on the bottom middle of the map. It’s closer to the middle of the map.

  24. Mike Smullin
    Current Volcano Alert Level: NORMAL
    …earthquake activity in January remains at a relatively low background level.
    …within historical norms.

  25. Jason Pitt

    running out of ink!??? you think they scan these from a printer??? *facepalm*

  26. Shaun

    Notice no evidence of HOW or WHY the volcano would erupt. Yellowstone National Park is large……you’re kidding me??

  27. Amy

    these are all TINY earthquakes!!!!!!

  28. SJONES

    I went to the USGS site and checked the map. For those who claim nothing is there – you have to change the map settings to show ALL earthquakes. The default is to only show those above a certain magnitude. These are all minor quakes (and ARE on the USGS website) and insignificant in the fact that they do not indicate that magma is moving upwards. They are all within 3 to 6.25 miles underground which is normal for Yellowstone. Also, they are very minor and nobody can feel them. Yellowstone is ALWAYS seismically active and ALWAYS has swams. This post is correct that there are earthquakes happening. However, it is being blown out of proportion and the quakes do NOT indicate an imminent eruption!!

    As for Sue Logna’s post about the colors and links… the first gray number is the magnitude of the quake. The red numbers are the date, time, map coordinates of the epicenter, and the number of kilometers below ground that the quake occurred. The remaining gray information is an approximate location of the quake in relation to landmarks such as towns. I fail to see where there is any conspiracy or misleading information.

    I get my information from the USGS website. The links above mentioned by Sue are to the University of Utah Seismograph Stations in Salt Lake City, Utah.

  29. Andi

    That’s the truth…we will have no worries after “she blows”. AND if will affect the entire world…what’s left of it. I live with the outer caldera limits. God did say that the next time he destroys the world, it will be by fire?

  30. xie_xie

    Someone’s thirsty for blog hits.

    Quoting scientist James Farrell of the University of Utah, “A lot of people say that the Yellowstone volcano is overdue to erupt, but there’s no evidence that it is overdue. We can’t say when the next eruption is going to happen.”

  31. Sue Logna

    should it be noted that the GREY, UNLINKED numbers at the beginning of each entry on the earthquake list are the magnitude, where the RED, LINKED numbers are in the same position, look like really huge earthquakes but really have no meaning??

  32. Amy

    Yellowstone is fine.

  33. timbojoshua


  34. JimiMiddleFinger

    I live a few hours a way in Big Horn County WY. Been prepping for years. If Yellowstone ever goes it will have been a waste of time. On the plus side we will go quickly and with relatively little pain. So there is that to look forward to.

  35. gcarve

    However, on the BH944 data page (as on all the data pages) this is posted also

    Archived seismograph traces (updated all the time; any missing days means there was no graph that day):
    (The percentage is the “activity percentage,” which is a number I made up myself as an attempt to guess how much trace activity there is in a graph from its file size. Note that all of this is entirely guesswork on my part, albeit educated guesswork… I just had to have some way to tell how “busy” a graph is without having to actually look at it. Bear in mind, a high activity doesn’t mean “quakes”; a lot of it is just wind and other noise, like this garbage (which gets a 24.8% activity rating). But a lot isn’t noise. Just… don’t trust these numbers. They have no basis in scientific fact.)
    Live Trace (18.2%)

  36. Dan

    If this sucker blows, the economy will be the least of our worries.

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