Geo-Engineered Snow? Snow That Doesn’t Melt? Fiber Snow? Snow Turned Black? Normal?

FAKE SNOW being Reported all over the U.S. SINCE WHEN DOES SNOW TURN BLACK????

Fiber Snow!!! Fiber Snow Flakes & No it’s not a balanced breakfast! 5-7-2012

Are snow being Geo-Engineered with chemtrails? There are tons of videos on youtube showing people  burning snow with fire in the last few days. Multiple Youtube videos of the same type of experiment, conducted by different people in different areas of the country with the same results.

burning snow

Snow that doesn’t melt into water and in some cases when trying to melt it, turns black.

Many people believed that these “fake snow” don’t melt because they are man made geo-engineered by our government to manipulate the weather. Some people say it’s all normal, the snow turned black because of the butane burning and because of lack of moisture, the water evaporated before it  melt down to water.

We provided few videos of snow burning experiments here, please watch and form your own conclusion. Let us know what you think!

Fake snow? No, I debunk it.
Text from video above: Bottom line, if you don’t want to waste 5 minutes watching this video, butane burns dirty. The smell is not from the snow, the black on the snow is not because its plastic; it’s because of the butane.

Fake Snow? Be cautious for your children

Fake Snow ,Stop the Insanity ! on 1-30-2014


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