Georgia Fake Snow?

Georgia Fake Snow!

Snow won’t melt even being burn with fire? Interesting!

Published on Jan 29, 2014 (Text from video)
Here is proof the Georgia Snow is FAke!!! I tested it myself! This is some bull! What Kind of Snow doesn’t melt when heat is applied? What kind of snow turns black when heat is applied? Can we say harp…. manmade…. artificial snow… they playing with us/you…. They are creating all kinds of un-natural weather conditions… testing on the masses to see what most would do… in a case of emergency…. This Was A Test!!!! Getting Us/You Prepared For Martial Law!!! Trust This….. This is just the Beginning! Wake up and Do research! Don’t Take My Word… Ya Heard!

fake snow

  1. J

    it turns black due to the lighter fluid, all snow does, if you burn it w/ propane it doesn’t do that….do your research ppl.. don’t believe all the hype….

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