Ex-CIA Dr. Jim Garrow – Military Purge Has Backfired

Purge backfired

01-05-14 Ex-CIA Garrow – Military Purge Has Backfired
Part II

01-05 Ex-CIA Garrow – Military IS With Us, EMP Failed, Obama Infiltrated

Jan 6, 2014 (UPDATED) – An actual military restoration of the American Republic has already quietly begun. Get informed, get prepared, get involved. This is not a rumor, this is not another protest, there will be no petitions. This is the beginning of a very real, physical, military sponsored and constitutionally lawful reclamation of the government of the Republic.

It’s time to pause and bring everyone’s attention to this imminent, historic confrontation. It’s finally happening in America.

About Dr Jim Garrow, Ex-CIA Asset, 2009 Nobel Prize Nominee
Dr. Garrow has been designated as a primary “information release” outlet for these now public, developing events. He is being allowed to provide coordinated “public information releases” via multiple grass roots, alternative radio interviews.

In early 2013, Garrow was allowed to go public about his 45-year history of working in deep cover for the CIA, as he was asked by one of America’s highest ranking Generals to publicly blow the whistle on the White House administration’s secret “Litmus Test” purge of senior military officials who would not agree to fire on American civilians during expected civil unrest.

Ex-CIA Garrow – Breitbart, Clancy, Hastings Worked Together

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