Is FEMA Color Coding Your House & Your Mailbox For Death Camp? Not The Newspaper Boy!

Check your mail box – U.S MARKing Undesirables for Extermination ?

Red & Blue Postal Mailbox stickers, FEMA Letters, Multiple Dreams of FEMA Detention Camps!

More and more people are reporting  their mail box or their house has been marked with color stickers or marks.  Are these the FEMA death camp markings for foreign troops to  gather us when the government declares martial law?  In some area, even the local police &  utility companies don’t even know why they are there.  Some still argue that it was from the newspaper boy!  Well, please watch these two videos, you be the judge!  Be safe & be prepared!

fema color code

  1. fountainlady

    I too used to deliver newspapers. In Denver, a LARGE metro area, and never, EVER, did we use these type of stickers! Next question, how would putting them inside a collective mail box that you can only access with a key HELP a newspaper carrier, who WOULD NOT be able to see them? How about them being INSIDE my mailbox? No way a carrier could see it unless they stopped to open every mailbox! My mailbox is on a wooden post in front of my driveway. There used to be a red one underneath the box! Explain that! This is NOTHING to do with newspapers! We have seen them in our town too. Educate yourself about FEMA. It is NOT to help YOU!!!!!

  2. joseph

    Make no mistake ….to all those who say they worked for a newspaper carrier and that these color dots are nothing to get excited about , remember it wont be the newspaper carrier who will be putting the color dots on , it will be the post office mail delivery who will be doing it . There color dots will have a whole separate meaning compared to the newspaper carrier .

  3. Miriam Lepre

    I deliver papers in Ohio near Cleveland and I use stickers. I use blue ones, yellow ones, and orange like red ones. They are not Fema stickers. Many of the people are now pulling them off because of fear. Believe me when and if they come after certain people, they do not need to have a sticker on a mailbox to know who you are. They will use other things like GPS if anything. The Red X’s and Blue x”s are not from Fema either. I wish people would not post if they are not sure of the truth because when the truth really is put out there no one will believe. It is like the boy that cried wolf. I do know what I am talking about with these sticker. We call them Hot Dots!

  4. chuck

    just in case go by and put a red dot at every politians mail box or house

  5. yoginibhakti

    I am a newspaper person and we have different stickers for different houses. A red one may mean the person is handicapped so take it to their door. Standard use is blue ones although some freaks use florescent ones to see them in the dark so we don’t pass your house. I gotta tell the guys about that one. Thinking it’s Fema. bahhwhwaaaaaa.

  6. Michael Napier

    havent seen anything yet here and i live in washington i know id be one of the first ones in my town to get them

  7. Little Larry


  8. Kerry

    Come on people. The newspaper carries use these so they can tell what type of account the person has. Like Daily, Weekend, Sunday only. I know this because I used to sell these dots to the carries when I worked for the local paper.

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