Evidence Showed Super Storm Haiyan Was Man Made! Must Watch!

Evidence showed the so called “Super Storm Haiyan” was man made and it’s not a natural phenomenon! This massive storm originally began its rotation , was born out of a microwave anomaly in the West Pacific. This video discusses the findings, and possible origin of the microwave pulse. Coming from where???! US Airforce base Guam near the location, the base is a satellite communications hub. Official feared as many as 10,000 people are dead from this “Strongest storm in world history” Watch this video, you be the judge!

Click here to read more about Weather Control , Aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan


super strom

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  1. Les

    How Did You Get Google Earth to show All That it Shows..

  2. 22OKABA

    U MAKIN ME SHIT BRICKS! You definitely do not know what is happening u brained washed close minded piece of shit. I AM FILIPINO, but I know that these things are possible and true. A lot of EVIDENCE out there. We do not know whhat the heck u are saying , but shit. u are an ignorant shit. No one is above god? Where is exactly your GOD? Did he help you? If your god is kind, why would he do such things like that? Trying to depopulate people in our country? What if they NUKE us? Where is your playing god? Can he save you? NO ONE CAN SAVE YOU BUT YOUR OWN ASS SELF. “God is a concept, which we measure our pain” J.Lennon said. Open your mind FOO

  3. savetheanimals

    There is a group called; world order. HAARP is something i did read and see many documentaries about since it was used against china earthquake 2008. Some in here say the philippines has peaceful people. Well,am a foreigner lives here in the phil. Yes,the philippines is peaceful when comes to war but crime,luting,prostitution, corruption etc is very high here compare to other 13 countries is i have been to. To those who say god is good and above all, they might be right but if this was not man made, then why should god punnish the philippines? Another thing, why so much people lives and do the oppisite of what the bible says how people should do and live? It`s because man wrote the bible, man made religion to make caos and that why religion is evil because it`s humans them self who put them self in different groups. Think, how many god`s there is? Most say there is one god but still people go worship different rellgions and god`s. Man make all evil and s clear if god is good, he did not make evil. Cheating,hate etc is all evil. That means we all have same value just because we are all evil. No need to go snatch and go ask god for forgivnes for it`s crime. Crime is evil and don`t ever think you are less criminal just because you are muslim, christian,catholic or whatever. Also see all this abuse among kids that priest`s do around the world. Do some really think it`s ok just because the priest talk to people inside “god`s” house,house made by people on people`s tax money from people who work?Priest`s is a human as all others. Some pinoys ask; If this super typhoon was man made, why should someone get anything out of it. It`s politic.v Not only the philippinies has been affected by man made typhoon`s, earthquakes, tsunamies. Thailand, haiti, china, the philippines, sumatra, chilie etc. Typical countries that is poor or countries that is has or will be over populated with poor people near future. Those who really think that countries as germany,england, netherland,norway, sweden etc,richer countries and with lower population will be hit by man made earthquake, typoon or tsunami, just start think when that happends on those countries and then ask yourself why not there?

  4. wakeup

    Does anyone know nothing about HAARP? Just like Christianity, or any xian religion for that matter – ignorance is bliss

  5. jef

    extra terrestrial weapon …

  6. MAP

    Revelation 11:18 – God will destroy those ruining the earth. That is absolute! Hope we are not accountable for contributing in the pollution around us. Burning of plastics, throwing of our garbage anywhere and making the sea a great sewage. As far as we know the plight we are in now – GLOBAL WARMING is man-made which results to climate change and the outcome? Typhoons, earthquakes and varied new diseases. Let’s all wake up! God’s war against wickedness on earth is fast-approaching… Revelation 16:14-16.

  7. Kikay

    If this is possible, then why wouldn’t this guy contact one of the big TV networks and show this on TV?

  8. jane

    partly true…but please do some more research for these, so that people would believed..because science can create something but God is greater of all…

  9. Juls

    just a foolish claim… please stop fooling others with this video. an EMP causes massive electronic interference, and can fry electronic circuits. No such interference was detected. There is no logical and scientific basis for his claim. Just a bunch of video clips gathered around the internet using satellite weather footages.

  10. Geomar Cruz

    has anyone considered the politicians in the Philippines who has the power and money to order to create the storm?.. you know.. they could always do that just to cover the issue of Napoles…

  11. Masol11

    this is crazy, who in the world will believe this? You are not God! Really?!!! Blame the US? Hahahahahahahahahahaha! So, pathetic!

  12. St. Boniface

    This is something that we must continue praying without failure that God will always protect us from all the calamities, unfairness, injustices, hunger and war. God is the most powerful and He is watching each one of us. Each one of us will have our time with God. This is all up to you, which side are you…with God or with Satan? Prayer to St. Michael, the Archangel, is a powerful prayer because God grant St. Michael the power to perish Satan and all the evils in this whole world. In the name of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, God will protect each one of us from all the dangers. Peace be with you. May Jesus protect you and cover each one of us with His Precious Body and Blood. Thou shall not fear as God will always be with you.

  13. ANI L

    LoL ….like you :)

  14. Grace Gerona

    Scientist dont believe in God instead they believe that they are the most powerful on the earth.

  15. Rb Garcia

    human is evil, indifferent, uncreative,.your stupidity is the crime of mankind,.

  16. jed s

    Men made many things that affected the balance of nature: over-population, pollution, stuff that we dump over the land, seas and air, etc.
    Don’t you think that somehow, in the smallest way, we are responsible?
    I’m just under 30 years old, yet I think I’ve experienced a great difference between today’s and from my childhoods climate – temperature.
    I personally think that if these microwaves were not directly intentional, somehow a part or a factor of what caused this storm is still, MAN-MADE.

  17. junglejem

    philippines weather analyst,forecasters are unknowledgeable about this catastrophe but i share to you guys the real score. the economic downfall of US will hold on to establish a US airbase ,FEMA camp, and together with the allied nations to coverup the WW2 hidden treasures ….

  18. Kjata

    Maybe Storm from X-Men do it cause man made. Only God know what will happen to us.

  19. Pancho Villa

    And how do you suppose we have not seen GIANT MICROWAVES IN GUAM??????

  20. Concerne Citizen Pro-Lifee

    What? united in love,peace and harmony? are u kidding or what?? what do u mean exactly? i beg your pardon??

  21. jovanie

    I believe that … Project HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is a US Air Force, Navy and University of Alaska funded investigation to “understand, simulate and control ionospheric processes that might alter the performance of communication and surveillance systems” started in 1993 for a proposed twenty year series of experiments. It has aroused some controversy among conspiracy theorists for its alleged potential as a weapon or mind control device, and among environmentalists for its effect on the atmosphere.

  22. estee


  23. elsa

    GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. niel

    In Isaiah 29: 6, Thou shalt be visited of the Lord of hosts with thunder,and wiyh earthquake,and great noise,with storm and tempest, and the flame of devouring fire. we will submit the authority from God, he is not slack in his promise as some men count slackness; but is long suffering to-us ward, not willing that any should perish, BUT THAT ALL SHOULD COME TO REPENTANCE.

  25. tiza

    Absolutely true. I had read an article which said something like this:” Mother Earth is an organism. As such she will eliminate /wipe out all those who she considered threat to her own existence.”

  26. virginia b provorse.

    a typhoon at this magnitude can never be a man made but human being actions thru the years attributed to it, that’s my opinion.

  27. zee

    Some people wont believe this, but I do reaaaaallly believe that the “natural calamities” nowadays are made possible by man, thru HAARP… you guys doesnt so sure of what will be the effect of haarp… whats on the mind of the people behind this thing… they have extreme knowledge over POPULATION CONTROL… lets just count Haarp as one,

    followed by mass vaccination before age of 1 2 3 4 5?

    Or the antibiotics to “cure and treat” the illness?

    And the “genetically modified or engineered organisms”…

    Why there is no cure for cancer even if the cure is sooooo cheap and natural and wont kill you?

    Simple, to control the population…

    We need to wake up guys… its hard to educate if you already believe to those “scientific basis” they got… still open your eyes and be aware of what is happening around us.. not just focus on the political aspect guys, how about the reality, the real world, the news on the natural world, natural sciences…

  28. bebcab

    THANKS…but the lesson here is that, if God wants, God will…if typhoon is a natural disaster then let it be..please remember, human is a co-creator of God, so he can do whatever he can . However, sometimes we can’t predict the outcome of our actions and this MAYBE ONE OF IT…Changes for such action FOR SURE will follow..What’s important is that, if one is responsible for the damage done, at least he give all the best that he can do to help the victim…..Please let us be open minded with open heart to accept the reality…Typhoon Yolanda is over and HOPE WE LEARN the lesson..

  29. concerned

    the Philippine govt in coordination with phil scholars and scientists should look into this however farfetched or implausible. the perpetrators, if true, should be made accountable

  30. Lynne

    Yeah ako din naaawa ako sa presidente natin. I’m not surprised kung abnormal nga sya, wala mang magawa sa mga namamatay nang survivors. Ang daming dahilan…kung ako ang presidente I would do the real action not just words, I will go to the devastated area myself to assess the situation and damayan ang mga tao and assure them that I’ll do everything in my power to help them up to where they r. Meanwhile I’ll have organised troops to get all of them out of there as fast as they can and another troops to take the dead bodies away for counting & Identification so relatives searching for them would know if their families r dead or alive or where r they. I would organise International donations to be taken to all areas so no one will die from simply hunger, the list goes on. I will do a national broadcast to all Filipinos to assure them & give them words of hope that we can do this no matter what and alleviate their worries of whats being done so far (backed up by pictures/videos of whats being done not just my words). I will publicly acknowledge International donations for their kindness & generosity etc and assure them that their donations all the way to a single cent they’ve given will be used in rebuilding the lives of the people affected by Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda (I’ll make sure that my govt will document everything that has been rec’d & where its going to make sure its going to where its intended & make the document available 4 perusal on the govt web). And those r just the things on top of my head, I know I’ll probably wouldnt eat either until I have all the ppl in the devastated area eating already. Simply I wouldnt just seat in my comfortable presidential chair counting the countless reasons why we cant reach ppl in the devastated area right then etc etc bla bla bla. Well, unfortunately thats the president we have, so we’ll just shut up & wait of what he’s going to say next bcoz we are so well behaved Filipinos di ba? C’mon pinoys stop playing dumb and powerless, start challenging this corrupt govt, magkaisa tayo. People’s power if they all come together is powerful.

  31. Lynne

    I know & believe thats possible and I also believe only few who have an open mind will believe but I also understand why many wont, right from our childhood we’ve been told what we know and limitation of what we can do and thats whats we believe, by default we follow what others are doing. Some of us never question or find out things a little further from what we are told, but if there is one who does, he or she will be called abnormal or crazy from the rest of us bcoz ur just suppose to follow & conform like the rest of us and not go further than that. Simply we dont know what we dont know if we dont want to know the things we dont know.
    So keep up w/ ur research and all these information, good on you and thanks for sharing. I do appreciate it.

  32. jv

    we cannot deny science.It could be possible that this is a result of experiment of other countries..Kilan pa ba nangyari ang ganyan sa pinas..wla pa dba?bagyong d normal sumama ba nman ang dagat sa lakas ng bagyo.

  33. gracie G

    what a nice statement…. Mabuhay ang Filipino…

  34. catcat

    i think these guy is crazy …..

  35. Lester

    Its just might been true, long time ago US is researching how to create and manipulate weather conditions for good reasons. And today all their research has been paid off when they successfully created Haiyan. The Philippines has been the primary testing ground for the research due to lack of weather monitoring system. Well just imagine if they create a very huge storms and test it on japan or in china that has highly sophisticated weather monitoring systems. The storm will be easily detected and what might cause behind it, these will be questioned and if proven it could cause conflict or even war. Science is base on facts and whats on the video is fact.

  36. arnel

    so pity people!!! we’ve been lied,mislead,played and manipulated thru religion,history and conventional science yet people still believe that some people don’t have a capacity to do this??who created war to make big profit?who created atomic bomb that kill thousand maybe million people?who created chemical weapon?who created piece of papers called currency to control people?yet we believe that this people is sane??wake up people before we wipe out on the face of the earth!!!!!!!

  37. jesica

    God created us as His people according to His’s just a wake up call for us so wake up wake up wake up guys our heavenly father is calling for us to praise and worship Him in SPIRIT and IN TRUTH let us all bow down to Him in JESUS name…….AMEN.

  38. anonymous

    It is very sad what happened… Everything depends on one’s karma – and collective karma of a nation. For every action there is a reaction – including killing animals and so many other atrocious things. This is not Gods fault – He actually has nothing to do with it….

  39. anonymous

    ive been saying this would happen no one believed

  40. anonymous

    i was telling people before this began … no one wanted to believe me … and this weapon is easy to make … if i have money and support me with supplies… i could do nikola tesla’s free energy (current) experiment… and this is the same as hes project …once used il change our dimension on people being united by polar shifting…this also affects our brainwaves of a human… this weapon could also control our minds … so good luck on your concuiosness,vibration… remember we are one with the universe that weve been born …2 we are also creators …we are recycled atoms and you only gladly give your freedom by money…control your mind not your body … we only use 3 % of our minds power … imagine 30% would make us super humans … by having the ability of kenesis … use that ability to remove a storm … with our minds combined we are united and free us by destroying our home planet … 3 they miscalculated the storm they were testing this weapon on going the other direction .. the next will be earthquakes that could be controlled so the only thing we can do is USE YOUR MIND…. LALO NA TAYONG MGA PINOY ..if we stand one wla gubyerno natin na kurakot…pag wla nag support sakanila nang isang piso wla silang POWER … WE NEED LEADERS NOT BOSSES … we have one earth we stand divided with other countries … anu yan fighting a small blue spot on an never ending universe imbis mag tulung tulungan … wag na kaung mag vote i gladly give our country to others rather than our goverment doing nothing … sa totoo lang sa utak natin mga pinoy kaya natin gumawa ne2 eh kurakot lang ang gubyerno natin

  41. Dá cá o Meu


  42. Leandro Amores

    HazelNovember 12, 2013REPLY yes, it is possible and yes and this clip is true. That typhoon and earthquake are man made. I have a friend from USA, he told me about this last few months ago and this November 2013 had just happened. I agree with the author

  43. arni formentera

    There could be no insane people , but there are so many evil people :(

  44. amie

    marami pa pong man-made na dapat ayusin…. like large scale corruption

  45. hart

    and what can they get from the Philippines if true? or just another dumb experiment for their advantage at the expense of the people.

  46. sally


  47. reggie

    all of you are WRONG!!!! you think america, china or any nation make that kind of super storm, you don’t have really an idea that it is one of the member of the X-MEN who’ve done that! ask STORM she’s responsible for that……….

  48. guelester

    High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.

  49. Tazman

    I think have so many peoples here are so damn dumb american have being play with weather for so many years just check the chemtrail even chinesse have play with the weather during their olympic games so those damn dumg jerk here wake up coz this guy here not crazy go also listen to alex jones or on youtube coz those damn dumb here for sure u be the first to be whipe out when everything will go nuts…

  50. lol

    funny how so many people hang on to one idea.. and then through mob mentality all decide it must be true.. sort of like how religion started in the first place…

  51. Lily Liu

    Reply to Teklotko, how the evil thinking you are!!! Chinese people are very peaceful people in this world. What kind of intention or motive that China government would do that? The answer is NONE! This is so stupid and there is no evidence at all. Just like assumption. Kind of crazy!

  52. ARJAY


  53. i3sh4z

    I am also a Filipino, a concerned citizen of our country. You guys are right about God and His goodness and His ability to do everything He wishes to do for He is GOD the MOST HIGH. I guess the man who brought up this so called MAN MADE SUPER STORM has done a good research regarding the incident happened.I have watched the videos a lot of times and he has his reasoning and proof of evidences shown that there’s a great posibilty that the microwave anomaly could have triggered the storm that caused to be a super storm. What causes the storm really does matter a lot specially if it was man made. See, the impact may have been not that strong i would say if it wasn’t man-made. The results of number of lives taken may not be as large as it is.And if you guys could remember some movies(may sound absurd ) but im just trying to compare the effect of the microwave anomaly to the storm. (forgot the title of the movie)but what’s clear to me is the picture there that “ballistic missile” )not sure how it is called) being fired under water and creates a Tsunami. This is what im trying to point out here it could be the same as the microwave anomaly that triggers the storm to have a huge impact, a very strong one. Anyway i guess the man would not risk his integrity as well just to create such stories. Bottom line is we shouldn’t ignore SCIENCE. Ofcourse GOD still knows everything im not taking that away. We cannot stop what is written in the bible, all we can do is to pray and ask God to protect us and keep us safe at all times. Let’s just pray for the lives of those who passed away. Godbless us all!

  54. Filipinobusinessman

    i believe on this theory! please share it to others

  55. ashley

    this is man-made, an experiment and part of new world order group. They want to depopulate the earth and made this step to control the humans. the members of this group are the past and present presidents of many nations, un group, freemasons (high ranks officers), elite group (zionist, world bankers, federal govt.). Just watch out and pray to God that He spare us from destruction of evil works of those people blinded by satan, the destroy, liar and killer. We are living on end-times – where evil people will become more evil… They are playing like God….. Be prepare and watch out…. Those who has an ear – open your ear. Those who has an eye – open it widely.

  56. rolandmartin

    There will never be a CURE for cancer. There’s too much money in cancer TREATMENT. There is also a a big motive for creating disasters to open the door to a permanent US military presence in the Philippines to attack China and regain world dominance. Yes, they are batshit crazy, but the US shadow government is quite capable of this kind of weather manipulation.

  57. lol

    sorry to be off topic and inconsiderate. somehow, I just read it as “Super Storm Saiyan”

  58. sally

    they are insane poor innocent p

  59. Jose Roberto Cunanan

    it is possible it is man-made. since this microwave pulses comes from guam it is most likely the work of the US government. I believe this is a test weapon for future wars with china and russia. why the philippines? the filipinos are being made guinea pig for their experiment in retaliation for the filipinos scrapping of the US bases long time ago. the US government discreetly hate the filipinos. after this disaster, they want the filipinos to worship them by providing the victims with relief goods, chocolate and candies.

  60. don

    That is a irresponsible post..I don’t accept that we filipino are dump. But we are not foolish to believe such thing it is just a hearsay. No concrete evidence.If that weapon exist the UN security council must know it first. It does not help the present situation and it looks like campaign against US. If you know something you should go to UN to prove your claim. I will believe in you if you prove your theory to the international community.It looks like you want to show that US is most terrorist country than any other terrorist nation. If you cannot prove it..JUST SHUT UP..and FUCK off

  61. seekingthetruth

    Maybe the one that created the super typhoon has Cronosphere device too….hahahha!

  62. Jerome Relenas Reyes

    that is right.. yuri should be blamed on all this madness controlling the weather..

  63. rick

    This one is true. This is about a NEW WORLD ORDER. Many people are blinded by the media. Please do your own research about them. And share it to theothers.

  64. OT

    The Haarp system is real and the Government has the wool pulled over all your eyes. I wouldn’t be surprised if they encouraged this storm.

    Remember, the greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was to make people believe he didn’t exist!

    Wake the fuck up people!!!

  65. watawat

    @ZT abnormal president? kung ikaw maging presidente kaya mo bang patino-in ang isang goberno na na walang alam kundi ang pangungurakot lang ang nasa utak ang nalalaman? for 3 yrs. term mo kaya mo bang baguhin lahat? KUNG MAGSALITA KA KALA KUNG SINONG MAGALING….maawa nalang tayo…

  66. etomak

    maybe it is true,,, during dry season science is the answer to fill up the dry dam, they were using salt and spread it to the clouds to make it rain

  67. Amoy Putok

    I have already assumed that the typhoon is caused by The Teslar weapon which utilizes zero energy of the earth.

  68. saviorofthesheep

    Hello ignorant people. Dont discredit science. This technology has been around for a long time. Stop thinking about “god” why would a loving god devestate and kill thousands of people. Give me a break.

    Look up “cloud seeding” , the US seeded the rain clouds in Vietnam with metal particulates to make the rains last longer in hopes of flooding the rivers to water out the Viet Cong. It worked. This is a documented event. After WW2 there was a treaty (Geneva Convention) with many countries in attendance agreeing that weather manipulation can not be used as a weapon. Why would they mandate such a thing? Because they can do it. Thats why…

    Stop being ignorant and open your mind. Religion has set you guys back so much that your behind in science.

  69. sylvia s. dagus

    perhaps thats an experiment – storm yolanda. they were testing there invention. OMG

  70. ZT

    If youd paid attention so much of Science during your school days then its enough reason to listen to this people.

  71. ZT

    Im a filipino and I would rather have some people to blame for this devastation we are suffering right now. Yes its true we are peace loving people but not all of us are dumb!
    Im tired of hearing same old shit by our own PAGASA (weather bureau). Both the agency and gov’t will automatically dismiss this kind of theory because their offices use ancient apparatus and equipments. INCOMPETENT so to speak, the lack of knowledge and funds. Funds that went tru each goddam LOOTHING SENATORS & CONGRESSMEN.
    In our local news, reports in plain view but not the reality eiy! So what now? Just accept thi fate and die soon? that everything is made by GOD? -NO WAY-!!!
    Phils. is a third world country. We are not capable of global empowerment. Our government should not treat us that we are dumb that there no such terrorists or countries developing weapons for catastrophic warfare.
    So keep it coming! feed us informations! So we may have a real PREVENTION to make in the future. I feel sorry for my fellow pinoys of having an ABNORMAL PRESIDENT RIGHT NOW!

  72. K

    It is mankind that is evil. Just face the mirror..what do you see?
    I am a Christian – but what do I see when I face the mirror? Just ANOTHER EVIL person. Like what the Bible says: For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, Rom. 3:23

    But I also thank God – because His mercies NEVER come to an end..

  73. ZT

    Im a filipino and I would rather have some people to blame for this devastation we are suffering right now. Yes its true we are peace loving people but not all of us are dumb!
    Im tired of hearing same old shit by our own PAGASA (weather bureau). Both the agency and gov’t will automatically dismiss this kind of theory because their offices use ancient apparatus and equipments. INCOMPETENT so to speak, the lack of knowledge and funds. Funds that went tru each goddam LOOTHING SENATORS & CONGRESSMEN.
    In our local news, reports in plain view but not thed reality eiy! So what now? Just accept thi fate and die soon? that everything is made by GOD? -NO WAY-!!!

    Phils. is a third world country. We are not capable of global empowerment. Our government should not treat us that we are dumb that there no such terrorists or countries developing for catastrophic warfare.
    So keep it coming! feed us informations! So we may have a real PREVENTION to make in the future. I feel sorry for my fellow pinoys of having an ABNORMAL PRESIDENT RIGHT NOW!

  74. mak

    nayabag na ceguro ni cya ai.. walai mabuhat may pa mag dota ka.

  75. Manila Boy

    Though the part where he said that fine aluminum being sprayed in the atmosphere and mixed with microwave pulse does make a lot of sense. Try putting an empty soda can in your microwave and see the for yourselves. This science is not far from the atom bomb. Infact this is just plain science project being done in a large scale.

  76. Hazel

    yes, it is possible and yes and this clip is true. That typhoon and earthquake are man made. I have a friend from USA, he told me about this last few months ago and this November 2013 had just happened. I agree with the author.

  77. Florita Barrios

    It is true it’s a man made typhoon try to type in Google HAARP and you can read it there.

  78. chris

    this is true philippines is rising country thats why they hit us with man made cyclone. and those who made it go to philippines to help to show that they did not do it -_- if you know those people…..

  79. loy

    If we consider a new type of secret weapon that was developed to manipulate weather, it seems not very effective at the moment to control its direction. Philippines, is always a path for natural typhoon during its season. If their is what we called Typhoon World War-1, all the country who have this weapon, will keep bombarding the Philippines, and it will suffer multiple catastrophe. What about if they develop a some kind of “freezing the clouds” and it can have hail storm and flood? Or manipulating the lightning using laser to hit its target?

    If some people in this planet want to clean the world or excess civilization, to gain full control of the remaining civilization, it will takes only a week to do it, just use multiple biggest nuclear bomb available, and detonate it in the atmosphere in each target country.

    It seems that many people in this planet are getting very bored and just make crazy things. Can somebody makes a positive invention, like transforming the cloud into food? Or use a laser technology to vaporized pollution elements in the atmosphere? Or ocean filtration system to remove pollutant? Or a new way of population birth control.

  80. anggie

    Doubting is good… But giving you’re so called “logical” reasoning based solely on the quite fair amount of knowledge and biased belief over something not so impossible is more of a ***** than this so called **.

  81. adrian duran

    it means,, the end is near!!!!! now the human being is playing god.. so why we just can accept that we also can create disaster..!!! just think about it? theirs an evil among us… its possible to do such thing we created it.. its the reality not an imagination.. why we can just accept it?

  82. The truth shall set you free

    @han— actually there has long been a cure for cancer or didnt you know?? like i say, stop believing everything you are told and actually do research and read up on things.

  83. The truth shall set you free

    To all those who do not bother to actually research or always believe everything they hear from the MSM, here is a little educational information if you are even the slightest bit interested in “Knowledge” or “Truth”..

  84. Han

    Scientists can’t hardly get a cure for cancer, let alone forming storms. what message are you trying to convey then, that all other people should be doomsday preppers like you as well? It’s a natural disaster man! If you think you know a lot about it, then why don’t you research about controlling the weather, creating rains and preventing droughts in africa and australia to give solution to world hunger. Yes partly it could be from climate change but lets admit that the earth is ageing as well. I just hope people are responsible enough when giving information on the web.

  85. chinaiscrazycountry

    China, is the one that causes these, they are the one that has a motive!

  86. John

    I think it was YURI’s REVENGE (Red Alert)…. a Weather Control Device…. Let us ask C&C.

  87. StupidYou

    This guy is crazy. He wants to blame other countries for the typhoon Yolanda. If it is a man made and controlled typhoon? That means we can use that as a weapon to wipe out our enemy. LOL It is a BIG JOKE.

  88. May

    The Lord foils the plans of the nations; he thwarts the purposes of the peoples. But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people he chose for his inheritance. (Psalm 33:10-12 NIV)

  89. maryrose

    Haha, this is stupid! What evidence??? True evidence leaves no doubt in the mind. You have to lay down soooo many factors to prove that, not just that “microwave” thing. Have a life!!!

  90. teklotko

    Could be China, cause they said somewhere and sometime ago that its easy to create a storm..they were the only one with motives, I belive they that to Japan with quakes. China is the only one in the world that never reacted..How much are the communists paying you?

  91. maryrose

    Haha! This is stupid. What evidence??? True evidence is something that leaves no doubt in the mind. You have lay down so many factors to prove that, not just that “microwave” thing… Have a life.

  92. Brian Cornell

    Human suffering shows God is evil, indifferent, uncreative, or non-existent. Religion is the crime of mankind.

  93. tacio

    Go home youre drunk

  94. de dino

    God is so good for he created “human” as a special and intelligent masterpiece. But how erroneously betrayal humankind can do, this post could be logically created and analytically perceived but I can’t put my point across why such kind of experimentation should be done with no clear purpose. Perhaps this post would be an eye opener that we could be ingenious but foolish enough to understand that we are created by God not as a destructive weapon rather as a perfect creation of his love.… GOD WILL DESTROY WHO DESTROY THE EARTH….

  95. tano

    these people just spends their life in youtube and internet

  96. Rench

    yeah i agree…No one is above GOD! He’s crazy……..!

  97. Malyn

    This could be related to the show in Tru Tv Conspiracy Theory by Jessie Ventura about HAARP has been blamed by conspiracy theorists for a range of events, including numerous natural disasters, outbreaks, global warming, global cooling, volcanoes, even assassinations of individuals. Commentators and scientists say that proponents of these theories are “uninformed” as most theories put forward fall well outside the abilities of the facility and often outside the scope of natural science and defy physics.[5][6]

  98. Monique Menorca Austin

    Who are you? Why do you have research about these things?
    The thing is it doesn’t really matter whether it was man made or not. There are lots of lives which had been taken.
    We Filipinos are peace loving people.
    No one can play God. No one is above God.
    It does not matter what gadgets or technology which had been used or what, the bottom line is that no sane people could have done that, most probably if it was man made. It was a product of insanity.
    If it was indeed of natural cause, it clearly shows the disequilibrium between man and nature.
    Good or bad people we all do not have a choice but to be good to nature otherwise no one among us could survive once the nature takes its course.
    We Filipinos do not believe in “Hero Complex” , because we believe that in every man there is a hero.
    Religion, ideology, creed, race etc. Defines the individuality & the diversity of man.
    But we are all one and united in LOVE, PEACE and HARMONY.

  99. Robert Weisfeld

    LMAO the B.S people come up with SMH

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