100-Plus UN-Marked MRAPS Deploy To Camp Grayling; FEMA Camps Prepare For Civil Unrest!

Using secondary roads and traveling only at night, truckers from more than a dozen four truck convoys have made their way from the west coast to Camp Grayling in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula where they unloaded their cargo: More than 100 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles – MRAPs.

This information was first brought to the attention of The Truth Is Viral by a high-ranking officer in Michigan’s Law Enforcement community., so its provenance is impeccable. This officer introduced TTiV Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Bobby Powell to a truck driver, a mutual friend, with direct knowledge of these convoys. According to the truck driver interviewed in this episode of The Truth Is Viral, the MRAPs delivered to Camp Grayling – long suspected of being a major FEMA camp – were clearly marked with United Nations insignia.

The truck driver says that these MRAPs are parked in a gravel parking lot on the southeast side of Camp Grayling along a secondary road, and not on the base itself. Should anyone be out with their camera taking pictures or video of the beautiful Fall foliage that Michigan has to offer, and happens to run across these vehicles, please send your pictures and footage to Bobby Powell at the TTiV Facebook page.

These MRAPs are reported to be stored in an area viewable to the public, so nobody needs to go snooping around Camp Grayling. Please make sure that you do not enter any military or Federal installation without permission, no pictures or video are worth being incarcerated over.


Source: The Truth Is Viral

  1. toolman

    I live in Grayling. I have driven around the entire county looking for evidence of these MRAPS and find nothing. I believe this is just a conspiracy theorist hoax.

  2. Icebox

    I live in Michigan just north of camp Grayling. Everyone around here knows it’s an Army training center as well as an USAF bombing range. IF the UN AWRAPS are there, they’re probably there for some training only. Come on people…our military WILL NOT turn on their own or allow another to try the same. BTW…I’m a 35 year war veteran.

  3. FreeSpirit

    Granted.. there is disinfo out there mixed with bits of truth.. that’s counterintelligence 101.. but you sir sound like the kind of person who would believe the official version of what happened on September 11th.. because governments would never do such things to their own people.. right.

    You might want to do a bit of historical research. The truth is scary my friend.. I hope it doesn’t come down on your head like building 7. I think the bigger diseases in America are things like ignorance and denial. Try turning off the idiot box for a while. Wake up.

    It’s interesting that people like you always resort to personal attacks.. like calling people “dumb”.. yet you offer no contribution of compelling facts to the discussion.

  4. JCJohnson

    Anyone who does not believe what they are seeing are especially blinded by their own stupidity and are oblivious to the truth of this country’s government objectives. What you see is a socialist society being put in place and he is the dictator….do not be fooled..It is going to happen and it is not a matter of if but just when.

  5. PRB

    you got that right

  6. Don Swancy

    people were ransacking Walmarts within MINUTES of learning there was no limit on their EBT cards. You really think those same people wont just go in and take what they want as soon as their EBT balance goes to zero? If you do you’re ignoring imperial evidence.

  7. Jared

    Foreign troops are not allowed on US soil. Get the UN the fuck out!

  8. William Carr (@Jkirk3279)

    Oh, dear God.

    Does this pinhead really think, if the Government was planning a giant conspiracy, that the MRAPs would be clearly marked with the UN logo?

    How dumb do you have to be?

    And why would they need to travel by secondary roads? They can send MRAPs directly to Fort Grayling if they want to.

    @Clive Smith: You, Sir, are an idiot.

    President, not “King”, Obama, will be doing his best to see that a Democrat will follow in his Office. He certainly won’t try to suspend the Constitution because quite simply, the Military wouldn’t obey illegal orders.

    There’s a disease running rampant in America. I think it was caused by exposure to Leaded Gas as infants.

    Lead and Mercury are horrible neurotoxins and lead to brain damage.

    Lead exposure causes the affected person to be afflicted by various symptoms, such as a lack of impulse control, rage, difficulty thinking…

    Mercury exposure is almost as bad; it causes paranoia, false feelings of “familiarity” with people you’ve never met; it warps your thinking process.

    Add in the cultlike behavior of people like this, that reject society for their own little group of “patriots”, and you have a recipe for disaster.

    The good news is that leaded gas was largely banned. The bad news is, the last generation to breathe in the lead vapors as children are now thirty and above.

    Remember all that furor over using Fluoride in toothpaste and drinking water?

    And it was all while people were being poisoned with lead every time they filled up their gas tank.

  9. lol

    no food riots anytime soon, 2/3’s of our population can live for months on our fat reserves alone

  10. doncline

    It doesn’t say “Unmarked.” It says “U.N. Marked.”

  11. Robert Gessner

    Learn how to read. UN-marked means marked with UN symbol. Unmarked means unmarked.

  12. Admin

    Franklin Horton, UN- Marked means United Nation Marked. not unmark! get it?

  13. Clive Smith

    Obama has no intention of surrendering his throne at the end of his term – he will suspend the constitution and stay in office by force – watch this space !

  14. pjki

    Obama is following Hitler’s doctrine.

  15. Don Swancy

    This is the group that will move into Detroit once the SHTF and food riots start. It’s a straight shot from Camp Grayling.

  16. jon jon

    november 7th.
    Get ready

  17. Frankllin Horton

    First these MRAPs were described as “Unmarked” and then I nte next paragraph they are described as “Clearly marked with Unite Nations insignia”… Sooo, which is it?

  18. Anthony

    I was just at grayling and I don’t see any sign of any UN vehicles let alone MRAPS………

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