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Secure Communication for Preppers

Have you ever considered how you would communicate covertly and/or securely if the need were to arise? It could be for a number of reasons; maybe you simply don’t want someone to know what

Basic Cryptology For Preppers

Basic Cryptology For Preppers by Tom Miller Basic Cryptology For Preppers by Tom Miller Cryptology is a subject that seems most appropriately applied to spy movies, but it does not need to be so


Is something big going to happen soon?  Do you think these prophetic events around the world are the precursors to Something big is happening? This video by Jason A might shock you!  All these


By Michael Snyder, from EOAD Did you know that a huge asteroid is scheduled to make a “close shave” with our planet on March 7th? This asteroid is known as “2013 TX68″, and it

Images of UFO Near Top-Secret Area 51 Military Base Captured By Airplane Passenger

Airplane passenger ‘takes picture of UFO that was giving off bright lights and orbs’ on ground near top-secret Area 51 military base A passenger captured the images during a flight from California to Texas

Turkey Shot Down Russian Jet On Mission Bombing ISIS In Syria. Video emerges of rebels chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’ over the body of dead pilot

Putin warns Turkey there will be ‘serious consequences’ for ‘stabbing Russia in the back’ by shooting down one of its jets… as video emerges of rebels chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’ over the body of dead

Five Syrian Men’s Extraordinary Journey To United States Carrying Stolen Greek Passports Caught In Honduras Because Of Flight Delay.

EXCLUSIVE – Extraordinary lengths five young Syrian men went to in bid to enter US amid ISIS fears: Greek passports forged in Brazil, hopping from country to country and not checking luggage to avoid

Huge “Winged Object” Flying By The Sun!

Is this bizarre “winged object” flying past the sun a UFO? Mysterious shape is spotted in images released by NASA UFO hunters across the globe speculating over mysterious NASA images Video shows object floating

House votes to block Syrian refugees despite White House veto threat!

Tapping heightened safety concerns after the Paris terror attacks, HouseRepublicans — joined overwhelmingly by Democrats — approved legislation Thursday effectively halting the resettlement of refugees from Syria and Iraq to the U.S. But, facing a

ISIS threatens to attack New York City in new slick video showing suicide bombers walking into Times Square

  New video shows clips of Manhattan, yellow taxis, and teeming crowds  The slick clip also features President Hollande’s speech vowing to hit ISIS It comes days after the terrorist group specifically threatened Washington

Now 24 Republican governors – and one Democrat – say they don’t want to accept Syrian refugees as President Obama recommits the United States to “do its part”

Now 24 Republican governors – and one Democrat – say they don’t want to accept Syrian refugees as President Obama recommits the United States to ‘do its part’ President Obama said the United States

Violent Shaking Along The Ring Of Fire Continues A Progression Of Disasters That Began In September

By Michael Snyder Have you noticed that seismic activity along the Ring of Fire appears to be dramatically increasing?  According to Volcano Discovery, 39 volcanoes around the world have recently erupted, and 32 of

At Least 140 dead in series of terror attacks in France as gunman opens fire in restaurant, 100 hostages are taken at theater.

At lest 140 dead in series of terror attacks in France as Kalashnikov-wielding gunman opens fire in restaurant, 100 hostages are taken at theater and two blasts are heard near the Stade de France DailyMail

Large Crack Opens Up East of Yellowstone Caldera by Big Horn Mountains!

Picture Source Basinreboot Large Crack in the Earth Opens Up by Big Horn Mountains According to the Facebook page of SNS Outfitter & Guides a large crack has opened up in the Big Horn

The World’s Strongest Storm Ever Is About To Hit Mexico!

Stunning, Historic, Mind-Boggling, and Catastrophic: Hurricane Patricia Hits 200 mph From WeatherUnderground By: Jeff Masters and Bob Henson Stunning, historic, mind-boggling, and catastrophic: that sums up Hurricane Patricia, which intensified to an incredible-strength Category

Luxury Bomb Shelters for the Billionaires Afraid of Doomsday!

This man builds luxury bomb shelters for the billionaires afraid of doomsday Robert Vicino believes the rich don’t live on the same scale as ordinary people in today’s society—so why should that change after

7 Year Shemitah cycle Coming To The End This September! Eerie Prediction Of Stock Market Crash & Financial Collapses! Are You Prepared?

Mac Slavo SHTFplan The end of the Shemitah cycle is fast approaching, and many are worried about an impending collapse, particularly considering we have already seen unprecedented stock market decline. And history is not

The Elite Have Prepared For The Coming Collapse – Have You?

By Michael Snyder, on September 6th, 2015 Why are the global elite buying extremely remote compounds that come with their own private airstrips in the middle of nowhere on the other side of the

Strongest Typhoon of 2015 is Heading Toward Japan and China!

Soudelor is strongest typhoon of 2015, spinning toward Okinawa, Taiwan and China After blasting the Pacific island of Saipan with wind gusts close to 100 mph, Super Typhoon Soudelor is taking aim at Taiwan

11 Red Flag Events That Just Happened as We Enter the Pivotal Month of August 2015!

By Michael Snyder @TECB Are you ready for what is coming in August?  All over America, economic, political and social tensions are building, and the next 30 days could turn out to be pivotal.